Shop Owner Tells Women That They Can’t Buy Anything Without Wearing A Hijab

Want to go to Sweden? I hope you plan on bringing your hijab. Unless, of course, you’re a man. Forced Islamization has had a deleterious effect on society as a whole, but women have been particularly targeted. Swedish shop owners now routinely turn away women who refuse to cover their hair.

Soheila Fors, a prominent women’s rights activist, wrote a stirring piece describing a recent experience inside a Swedish shop. She was perusing the aisles when suddenly an employee began complaining about her lack of headscarf.

“The woman turned to me and said, ‘Unfortunately, you can not buy it’. ‘Imagine going to a store and not buying food and milk,’ I replied. ‘Sweden is a democracy,’ she replied. ‘Yes, yes, it’s a democracy. I’ll get in with or without hijab’,” Fors wrote.

24 years ago the activist was forced to flee from her home country, Iran. Her recent experience made her feel like she was in Tehran again, and for good reason.

The grand liberal social experiment failed. Throwing open the borders and inviting hordes of migrants into the West hasn’t enriched society. Instead, we’ve simply imported fresh problems and crimes. The migrants aren’t being properly assimilated. They need years of education, job training, and social rehabilitation programs as well as housing and medical care.

“Some Swedish feminists say that the real problem in the suburbs is not the Islamic hardliners but rather men in general. Head of the Swedish feminist political party Feminist Initiative (FI) Victoria Kawesa said, ‘the common denominator is men’s oppression and domination,’” Breitbart reports.

Ahh, liberals. Instead of admitting their failure, they’re trying to hoist the blame from migrants and place it on men. It’s all men’s fault. All men, every man.

Well, at least they’re predictable. In the meantime ladies, remember to pack your headscarf if you ever go to Sweden.

(Source: Breitbart)