SHOCKING REPORT: Groups In Europe Will Rally To Ban Mosques From Existing At All!

It seems as though Europe has finally had enough of their Muslim infestation and is ready to take action.

A report just coming across our desks shines a bit of light on how far Europe is willing to go to rid itself of terror, terrorist attacks, and radical Islam. The report says that a German group is ready to campaign for the banning of all Mosques. This is shocking news from a region that has been very tolerant of refugees and Muslims on the whole. After the rash of terror attacks in the region since the refugee exodus from the Middle East, they’ve had enough.

Here’s the full story.


The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party may include a clause on prohibiting mosques in their forthcoming Spring manifesto, according to a purported leaked document.

The policy statement, which has been linked to the party’s more socially conservative Bavarian branch, has come to light as internal party factions struggle over the content of the April manifesto. It calls for banning the construction of new mosques and minarets, and already operating ones be closed.

Entitled ‘The Courage to Take Responsibility’, the paper had strong words for Islam in Germany, and the mosques which support it. These Mosques “do not just serve common prayer, but also the spreading of Islamic teaching, which advocates the removal of our legal order”, it said.

In a reference to the little-known Islamist practice of Taqiyya — lying to non-Muslims permitted by Sharia law — the document remarks the Koran permits “lies and deception”.

Acknowledging the expansionist tendencies of political Islam, the document also reportedly stated that it “has already arrived at its declared path toward world domination in 57 of 190 countries”.

WHAT!? That’s insane! I did not know that about Islam, but I’m not surprised with this revelation that they are suggesting to take such drastic action.

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(Source: Breitbart)