Sheriff Clarke UNLOADS On BlackLivesMatter-Loving CNN Reporter On LIVE TV!

Every so often, we get a glimpse into what happens when liberals are faced with facts and can’t hide in their safe spaces. Sometimes they schedule an interview with someone who is mad as hell and knows the facts, and it’s the most satisfying exchange imaginable because the liberals’ eyes are always like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

There is no better example than an interview between CNN’s Don Lemon – a Black Lives Matter supporter, no matter how he tries to backtrack – and Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke. Those of you know have seen Sheriff Clarke on Fox News knows that he doesn’t tolerate nonsense and he knows the facts – something that he unloads on Don Lemon, in the entire interview.

Not only does Clarke confront Lemon with the fact that Black Lives Matter is a hate group that wants cops killed, but he makes Lemon admit that the Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was completely made up. At one point Lemon cuts to break to shut Clarke up, but in the next segment Clarke bats him around like a figurative rag doll.

Watch this and try not to stand up and clap. Share it everywhere.

THAT’S how you deal with a liberal – beat him with the cold, hard truth!