Sheriff Clarke Just WENT TO WAR With Black Lives Matter On LIVE TV. They’re DONE!

When you see the division and one-sided nature of the Black Lives Matter movement, you start to see the true face of racism in America today.

The whole message BLM puts forward is one of intolerance and segregation, safe spaces and societal oppression. What they do not seem to grasp is that it can all change if they just stopped whining and made a difference in their own communities. But nope, that’d be too hard. So what do they do?

They continue with their racist and anti-cop rhetoric by interrupting a moment of silence at the DNC for fallen police.

This did not go over well with Sheriff Clarke and he absolutely DESTROYED them on live TV!

Sheriff Clarke gets it. He sees BLM for who they truly are: a group hell bent on driving a wedge between those who want to help and those who need it. They continue to ruin the lives of many, for “bettering” the lives of what seems like nobody.

Give it up. You’re making no difference at all.

(Source: YouTube)