Sheriff Clarke Called For An All Out WAR With Islam…Obama Wants This Video GONE

How far is too far for radical Islam? If you ask them, the people that are willing to kill innocent men, women, and children to further their cause, the answer is simple – there is no such thing as too far. Everything’s on the table when you strap yourself to a bomb or drive a truck through a crowd.

Obama doesn’t understand this, and instead calls to not paint Islam with too broad a brush, even though there is a startling amount of people in Islamic countries that think women are property, the penalty for leaving the faith should be death, and that the atrocities committed by ISIS can be justified with the Quran. Actually, I’ll amend my previous statement – Obama understands this. He just doesn’t care about the American public.

Here’s what Obama said about the recent Nice, France attack:

The cowardice on display here is just staggering. Not only does Obama talk about how this isn’t indicative of all Muslims, but that we must stand with France in prayer and hand-holding. Hey, Obama, how about this for an idea – we kill the ones responsible for these attacks? We go after ISIS with NO MERCY and make sure the world is finally rid of this toxic ideology, regardless of how politically incorrect it is to say Islam has a serious terrorism problem?

Well, thankfully, we have Sheriff Clarke to sound off on the President’s ridiculously asinine solutions, and he lays it down: WE ARE AT WAR!

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It takes law enforcement to know that you can’t hug your way to dealing with cold-blooded killers. They must be eliminated to ensure that we have a country to go back to.

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