She DESTROYED Islam And Obama, But What Does She Think Of Donald Trump?

We’re fans of Tomi Lahren and her show, “On Point with Tomi Lahren“, not only because she’s a young conservative and that in itself is hard to come by, but because she’s unashamed of saying the things that need saying, whether it’s laying into radical Islam or holding Obama accountable for his countless missteps, she’s a favorite of ours.

But what does our favorite political pundit think of our favorite Presidential candidate?

In so few words, she says “Trump is on point with pretty much everything.” She agrees with him on all of his stances and goes into great detail as to why he would be a great leader of the country.

Here’s the entire video:

I know that she’s a little too young to run, but I wouldn’t mind her being on his cabinet. What do you think?


(Source: YouTube)