She DESTROYED Beyonce’s Racist Superbowl Show. Now She’s Back To SILENCE Her Haters!

We love Tomi Lahren. And it’s videos like these that show why.

Tomi called out Beyonce for giving us a “black panthers”-esque, racially driven Super Bowl performance. And she was right in doing so. It was racially charged for all the wrong reasons. But it didn’t stop there.

First, here’s her take on the performance:


What happened next, though, was a horrific backlash from liberals, especially blacks, calling Lahren a racist. In reality, it was the antithesis of racism. Yet, people, especially liberals, are morons, and Tomi had to make ANOTHER video, explaining that she’s not intimidated by keyboard warriors trying to vilify her on the internet. Her response is EPIC!

Awesome! We support you Tomi. Keep making these great videos and getting the truth out there.

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