See Why This Mom’s EPIC Rant About Muslims Is Going Viral! YES!

I think this woman takes the cake for most concerned parent of the year. And here’s the kicker…I agree with her completely

Christian Kayla Normandin of Florida has gone on Facebook to take down how the history books are teaching her son about muslims and arabic ways. She contests that the class spends and entire chapter learning about muslims, the islamic world, and arabic numerals all furthering the question of, “Why do our kids need to know this?” Well she’ll tell you why they don’t and I’m applauding her for her message!

Here’s her whole video.

Here is the video I promised about my sons 6th period World history class for sophomores . I did a basic overview of the whole 40 page chapter and other paragraphs on other issues. We need to put an end to this now!! I have contacted the principal again on this and am waiting on the call and will record the call!! So give me your opinions and questions and I’ll answer them the best I can.


Amen! Get this our of our schools. Teach more American history and stop trying to make muslim culture part of America. It’s doesn’t belong!

(Source: Facebook)