See This Liberal Troll Get Put In Her Place When She Says A Confederate Flag “Assaulted” Her

*Trigger Warning* 

If seeing a liberal lose her mind when she’s argued with and owned by people who take a stand against her bullying than this is the story for you.  It might trigger feelings of extreme joy and possibly riotous laughter. 

It looks like the land of the free comes to an end somewhere before the city limits sign in Portland Oregon. That’s where one very concerned liberal picked a fight that she couldn’t finish alone. This store patron noticed some rugs that had a Confederate flag design on them and pretty much flipped her lid. The argument that followed was about as civil as the civil war.

Via The Blaze:

Heather Franklin of Portland, Oregon, filmed herself confronting employees of a rug store on Wednesday because she was offended by Confederate flags that were hanging for sale on the store’s wall.

A man that Franklin zeroed in on responded and told the woman to learn history, denying that the Confederate flag — in this case, rug — was a hate symbol.

“How is that a hate symbol?” he asked. “You should read your history.”

One of the employees gave Franklin and her camera the middle finger and said, “Bye, b****,” and asked whether she’d been a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporter.

Here’s the video of these tolerant and upstanding citizens having a well-reasoned debate about the validity of this piece of history being depicted on a rug.

Warning: Strong Language (not joking here)

Kinda seems like it was two equally foul mouth citizens calling one another names. You may not like what they did, and the company may decide that’s not how they want to be represented, but for lack of a better way to say it; she did start it.

Also, isn’t “assaulted” a bit dramatic? He was so far away you couldn’t even make out his face in the video. If you’re so concerned about the safety of your kids, I dunno, maybe don’t go around starting trouble. I have kids, I totally get it, but this is less about wanting to keep her family safe, and more about her realizing she’d bit off more than she could chew. When you start a confrontation with men twice your size, surely you know that you might get a little bit out of hand.

Please understand, I would never condone violence or in this case even say that these men were in the right. I’m just pointing out that both sides did the same thing; hurl insults. That prompted this obviously liberal woman who probably considers herself a feminist decided to play her gender card by breaking down in tears and saying she felt threatened. Kinda seems like the cheap way out to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you can’t stand the heat maybe you should go back to the kitchen.

(Source: The Blaze)