Secret Service Arrests Man In Washington DC For Threatening To Kill ‘All White Police’

A very disturbing trend has emerged in America as of late. It’s been lurking below the surface for some time, but only recently has it become readily apparent for anyone willing to see. I’m referring to the anti-white sentiment that’s been stirred up by the Left.

Since Trump appeared on the scene, liberals have ripped off their masks, making it evident that hold extreme antipathy for white people, or, at least, white people that happen to be conservative. They’re constantly making whites out to be the root of all evil, inflicting our children and anyone who will listen with the guilt of our ancestors’ crimes. The rise of Black Lives Matter reflects this trend, as liberal whites and minorities are increasingly hostile toward Caucasians. The media likes to pretend anti-white racism can’t even exist in the first place, but this week, we already have another example of this increasingly prevalent left-wing psychosis.

As reported at the New York Post, the latest whacko arrested near the White House is Michael Arega, who traveled all the way from Dallas in hopes of killing “all white police” on duty there.

The authorities captured Arega on Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park at 4:05 p.m. Monday, just several hundred feet from the White House’s East Wing. The funny part about this incident is that Arega’s wife is the one that tipped off police, telling them he’d been making crazed threats.

Police first ransacked the hotel where he was staying in Silver Spring, Maryland, but he had already left by the time they arrived. That’s when they alerted the Secret Service’s Protective Intelligence Division.

Secret Service personnel at the White House immediately increased their posture of readiness and began searching for Arega,” the agency told Fox in a statement.

Arega was then captured near the White House without any weapons on his person. He may have been unarmed, but he’s been charged with making felony threats, which is a serious crime.

It’s nothing less than this clown deserves. Threats against cops are at unprecedented levels, as they’re now being directly targeted because of the color of their skin. As we’ve seen in Dallas and other places, where white cops have been assassinated, these aren’t isolated cases. The media’s constant race-baiting and blaming of whites for everything, coupled with their refusal to denounce left-wing violence of any kind, is facilitating all of this. Blood is already all over their hands, and one wonders how much more will be spilled before they end their disgusting crusade against whites.

Source: New York Post