After Sean Hannity’s Show Moves Back To 9pm, His New Ratings Reveals Shocking Truth

Sean Hannity just triumphed over Rachel Maddow. The controversial Fox News host rearranged his own schedule so he could battle Maddow head-on, sliding his show back to his original 9 pm time slot.

He trounced her.

Hannity and Maddow don’t even share the same audience, and her show STILL wobbled when put up against his.

Deadline writes that “Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program was the most-watched cable news program for the month of October, delivering 3.2 million total viewers and 686K in the 25-54 news demographic. In total viewers, that’s Hannity’s second largest haul ever, and up 15% compared to same month last year.”

Hannity is the king of cable news. Bill O’Reilly was toppled from his throne by the weight of his sexual harassment scandals. It’s interesting that both men appear on Fox News. It shows that Americans have figured out where to get their news.

Maddow wasn’t just clobbered by Hannity, she also lost to Tucker Max. The newcomer attracted a larger viewing than the veteran blowhard.

Of course, Maddow can comfort herself with the fact that she’s not on CNN. The worst offender in the fake news trade unsurprisingly amassed the lowest numbers of viewers among the three networks.

Conservative values rule Washington, and it seems as though they have the advantage in society as well. The average American isn’t a California liberal; she’s a blue-collar, hardworking woman from the Midwest.

Fox News is more popular than MSNBC and CNN because it’s known for discarding the fluff and focusing on what’s important.

(Source: Deadline)