SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Gets Married, But Look Celebrity Performed At Wedding

It’s been six years since the terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden was brought to heel for his heinous crimes. The Islamic radical is responsible for unmeasurable suffering the world over, thanks to those he directly killed and all the chaos that has engulfed the world since 9/11.

It was a joyous and surprising day back in May 2011, when then President Obama announced to the world that Osama had met his maker and summarily been discarded like trash into the sea.

Since then, the highly secretive team responsible for the raid on his Pakistan compound has found itself in the spotlight. Seal Team 6 is comprised of elite soldiers who are tasked with the most dangerous and important military missions. While all of them are the best of the best, one man, in particular, stands out from the bunch.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Robert J. O’Neill, the man who ended Osama’s life, is known for keeping his cool in the most high-pressure situations imaginable. However, while he may be used to gunfire and putting his life on the line, none of his past experiences could have prepared him for what went down on his wedding day.

During a recent interview, O’Neill recounted the nail-biting ordeal he went through right before he said: “I do.”

Rob told DailyMailTV: “I realized that I had forgotten the rings on the way to the church. I called my friend, Shorty, who is a real problem solver, but he had no idea where they were. He managed to track them down and came racing to the church.”

We had armed security in a perimeter around the church. Shorty mounted the car on the curb and came running towards the venue, reaching into his pocket. Security almost drew on him but he completely saved the day.”

When you’re the man who killed Osama, security becomes a necessity, as there are a lot of folks who want O’Neill dead.

After the hard part was over, O’Neill, his bride, and all attendees were treated to live music lead by country music star Tim Montana, who made the trip to perform for the wedding.

The band were the best part of the wedding everyone just loved them,’ Jessica said. ‘Tim wrote the song for our first dance, Save the Day. As soon as we heard it, we knew that was it.

Other celebrities were in attendance as well, such as Kid Rock, but most did their best to avoid the spotlight and keep the event as low-key as possible.

Robert certainly has a lot of unbelievable memories thanks to his very unique job, but his wedding day will likely outrank them all in the end.

Source: Daily Mail