SCREW The Liberal Media! Here’s What REAL Americans Thought Of Trump’s Speech!

When Donald Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention and gave his more than hour long acceptance speech, the world watched, and drew their conclusions about the real estate mogul-turned politician. The liberal media went on a mission to denounce everything he said, but couldn’t as his statistics were on point, his message was measured and clear, and he advocated for inclusion and America First, which is extremely hard to argue with.

The liberal media also made mention that many Republicans found his speech to be distasteful, as evidenced by CNN reporter Ana Navarro’s meltdown that we covered in an earlier article.

However, we know that we were fired up by Trump’s speech, and it turns out, we weren’t the only ones. Not only did the vast majority of Americans view this speech as positive, but it put the liberal media in its place instantly when the polls were shown:

But what did actual Americans think of the speech that cemented Donald Trump in the hallowed halls of American politics? Well, let’s see:

And the icing on the cake…

Remember, America is with Trump! As he said in the historic speech that we will defeat Hillary in November. We can do it together, as a united country!