Trump leads in nearly every poll in the country, but does that really mean anything at this point? There is now a funded study that says it actually means much, much more than that.

According to the study, Trump’s support if vast and wide. While others have support as well, the media, as well as everyone else tracking this presidential race, Trump’s backers might be so deep that it’s completely irrelevant what the polls say at all.


The analysis, by Morning Consult, a polling and media company, looked at an odd occurrence that has cropped up repeatedly this year: Trump generally has done better in online polls than in surveys done by phone.

The firm conducted an experiment aimed at understanding why that happens and which polls are more accurate — online surveys that have tended to show Trump with support of nearly four-in-10 GOP voters or the telephone surveys that have typically shown him with the backing of one-third or fewer.

That’s amazing news! But doers this mean he’s gained more support? That answer is a resounding: YES!

Among the complicating factors is this: The gap between online and telephone surveys has narrowed significantly in surveys taken in the last few weeks. That could suggest that Republicans who were reluctant to admit to backing Trump in the past have become more willing to do so recently.

So when you say you back Trump, you are not only having your voice heard, but you’re hearing the voices of millions standing right along side of you. Possibly even more than you thought. And we’re right there with you. Trump 2016!

(Source: LA Times)