Schumer Takes Shock Stance On Gun Control, Leaves Fellow Dems Stunned. But That’s Not All…

It seems there’s a surplus of morons in the Democratic Party these days, and the funny thing is, they’re more than willing to show off their stunning lack of intelligence at every opportunity.

This is especially true on the issue of guns, a topic that liberals know nothing about, yet routinely discuss as if they’re experts. They can’t even get the basic names of guns and their parts right on a consistent basis, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing gun-grabbing legislation.

In the wake of the Vegas massacre, the Left is up to its usual tricks, using tragedy to push their gun control agenda. While they’ve made some ground when it comes to “scary” bump stocks, one veteran leftist is taking an interesting stance on his party’s legislative efforts.

As reported at Breitbart Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is “urging” his Democrat colleagues to avoid the topic of gun control as both parties commence battle over the nation’s budget.

Despite milking the tragedy for all its worth and playing up the danger of guns once again, the momentum they thought they had to pass new regulations has all but disappeared. That’s because the GOP was halfway decent in pushing back against the Left’s talking points this time around.

There’s also the reality that the 2018 midterms are approaching, and old Chucky is afraid of what will happen to the Democrats up for reelection if they try and make gun control a major pillar in the party’s platform.

Schumer has told his liberal caucus to shift its focus to four key issues, none of which concern guns. Instead, he wants his party to “bash the GOP proposal to cut the tax rate for the highest income bracket, oppose tax increases on middle-class earners, fight proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and insist that tax reform not add to the deficit.”

Schumer said, “Those are the four issues we’d like to focus on instead of doing a long vote-a-rama on every other issue.”

Oh look, it seems that the Democrats are more than content to continue saddling their grandchildren and future generations with an infinite debt and ridiculous taxes so they can continue on with their boomer lifestyle. What a noble cause they’re fighting for. More do nothing, kick the can down the road and let others deal with once we’re gone legislation.

While many Democrats are okay with this tactic, not all the gun-grabbers are happy about it. Longtime supporter of gun control Ladd Everitt said, “Democrats need to find courage and learn to speak to the issue. There’s a lot of anger in this movement about the response from Democrats right now. People think it’s totally inadequate.”

Another gun hater, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), said he’ll still be drafting some kind of legislation to limit gun rights, but he didn’t say if he’d push for a vote or wait until Schumer gives the all clear. Murphy said, “I’m drafting a variety of amendments. Some of them have to do with gun policy. I don’t know whether I will eventually call them.”

The thing about Murphy is he wants to ban all semi-automatic rifles, which means if it’s not a bolt action, say bye-bye. That’s how unhinged the guy is, so one can only guess what kind of policies he’ll cook up considering his ultimate goal is effectively do away with rifles.

Make no mistake, the Left wants to disarm us. They beat around the bush and concern troll about just wanting better background checks and to ban scary guns that we “don’t need,” but that’s only because they know they can’t get away with more than that–yet. But far too many leftists have let slip their true intentions of disarmament, which is why we should never budge an inch on any of their gun policies.

Schumer is aware of how the nation feels about their gun-grabbing, which is exactly why he’s telling his would-be tyrant party members to cool it for the time being. But they’ll be back to chip away at our gun rights next time there’s a tragedy, just you wait.

Source: Breitbart