Russia Just Took The Fight To ISIS And UNLEASHED HELL! They’re DONE!

Vladimir Putin doesn’t play around and he certainly doesn’t pull punches when diplomacy has failed. After ISIS made Russia a target of its terrorism, Putin’s army has bombed Syrian targets non-stop, but now we can bring you video of the totality of Putin’s attacks on the region.

While Obama has continually said that ISIS is a “contained” threat, Putin has taken the realistic approach – the approach Donald Trump had advocated time and time again – and bombed the crap out of ISIS.¬†Watch and share these two videos!

According to the description for the videos,

VKS Russia used cruise missiles airborne when struck by terrorists group “Islamic State” in Syria and increased the number of departures doubled, according to the Defense Ministry of the country.
Russia at the request of President Bashar Assad’s start point to put air strikes on targets “Islamic State”

I can’t wait until we have a President that will take these measures against our enemies. What do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)