Russia Builds New Missle Launcher To Destroy ISIS. THEY’RE DONE! This Is AWESOME!

Russia continues to hammer ISIS whether Obama likes it or not.

Putin is a real leader, and Obama isn’t. That’s a fact. And here’s some proof to show that Russia doesn’t mess around. This is their new missile system. It’s called the S-400 and it’s completely ridiculous.

On top of it being highly complex, it’s also nearly impossible to defend against when you’re being shot at. This is an ground-to-air system and it’s just been deployed in Syria. Meaning, that any aircraft that Syria or ISIS or Turkey control that try to shoot at other Russian planes in, say, a dog fight will have to also contest with this. And it’s lethal.

The video was filmed at the Kapustin Yar test range in the Astakhan region of Russia, during a test of the S-400 against ballistic missile targets. The test supposedly took place while the S-400 was under heavy electronic jamming conditions. Despite this, Russia claims all four of the missiles hit their targets during their mid-course stage of flight

So even if enemy forces try to jam the radar to this weapon, they can’t and it’ll still hit it’s target.

This is why Russia is winning in Syria. We have this technology and hell ever the tech to possibly defeat systems like these, should any U.S. fighters come up against them, but Obama would rather save face and only say we’re going to defeat ISIS and then not really do anything. Keep going Russia, you and the other allies are doing what we should be.

(Source: Foxtrot Alpha)