Rush Takes 1 Look At Trump’s New Tax Plan, Immediately Comes Forward – ‘Do Not Believe…’

Tax reform is coming. President Trump is finally fulfilling his campaign promise to lower taxes. Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh fears that the president’s efforts will be blocked by Democrats. It’s a valid worry. The left has already started attacking the new plan.

“And I’m gonna tell you right off the bat I have watched some cable news last night and today ’cause I broke my promise to myself. I wanted to see what was said about it, and it is incredible. And I want to tell you that if you’re watching any of the three networks or CNN or MSNBC, do not believe what you’re hearing,” Limbaugh cried.

Liberals are making their usual complaints. Blah, blah, blah, tax cuts for the rich; blah, blah, blah trickle-down economics. The problem with their complaints? They’re utterly baseless.

“It is not trickle-down. It doesn’t even come close to trickle-down. It does not benefit the rich. It does not punish the middle class or the poor. It doesn’t do any of the things the Democrats and the media are saying about it. They are attacking this plan like they’ve been attacking every tax cut since Reagan’s,” Limbaugh said on his radio show.

Trump’s tax plan might not pass, and it’s probably going to be altered even if it does, but if the plan were to be enacted as is, none of the left’s fears would come pass. Paying taxes would become a breeze for most people, as Trump wants to greatly simplify the process. Instead of complicated tax brackets, there would be only 3. The tax cuts would benefit Americans at large rather than the one percent.

“The government always grows. The government will never, ever do with less. And, of course, the government isn’t doing with less. And it’s not your fault. You’re not running things. You don’t set policy. There are 535 people who do that… and they all pretty much talk the same way. And none of it ever ends up really happening the way they say,” cautioned Limbaugh.

The new tax plan is far from perfect. The rich are still taxed at an exorbitant rate, while most Americans will still find themselves exempt from the necessity of paying federal taxes. Around 50 percent of Americans don’t make enough money to pay federal income taxes, and that’s going to stay about the same.

(Source: RushLimbaugh.Com)