Rush Spots Connection Between George W Bush And Hillary, Immediately Comes Forward

The political world is abuzz over former President Bush’s speech vociferously condemning Trump this week. After staying quiet the entirety of Obama’s two terms, even though he was wreaking havoc on the US, it appears that Trump’s presidency has galvanized Bush to speak out.

Bush’s sudden return to the political spotlight has some conservatives scratching their heads, wondering where he was while Obama ran roughshod over the Constitution. One of those is the king of talk radio himself, Rush Limbaugh.

As reported at Breitbart, on Thursday, Rush analyzed the former president’s speech, wondering if his criticism of supposed bigotry and white supremacy, and remarks that “nationalism distorted into nativism” has become the norm in politics, was his way of not-so-subtly calling out Trump supporters.

Limbaugh compared Bush’s trashing of Trump and his supporters to Hillary’s “deplorables” comments concerning conservatives, and wondered why he kept silent all these years, only to emerge to bash the conservative base he betrayed time and again.

Limbaugh went through the speech, playing the key soundbites and offering up his own rebuttal to Bush’s pearl-clutching claims. The former president spent a lot of time praising immigration and lamenting that there are people fed up with our current system. To that, Rush had a common sense response.

LIMBAUGH: Well, okay, uh, “the dynamism that immigration has brought to America.” I have a stat. I saw this the other day. It’s one of these things I knew but I didn’t know. I said, “Yeah!” It shocked me, but then when I stopped and thought about it, it had to be true.

The U.S. immigrant population has hit a record 43.7 million in 2016. One-out-of-5.5 — one out of five and a half — Americans is an immigrant, legal and illegal combined. One out of five. That’s not dynamism. That is an invasion that has been ignored and you might even say covered up.

He also commented on Bush’s buying into the left-wing narrative that bigotry and white supremacy are running rampant, threatening the fabric of our nation.

LIMBAUGH: “It is a trend that a majority of Americans oppose and that’s why Donald Trump was elected. But that’s not it. George W. Bush says, “Bigotry seems emboldened.” Too much bigotry out there. “Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories” only on Twitter “and outright fabrication.”

That’s the Drive-By Media, Mr. President. They’re the ones making stuff up. “We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty.” I know that all of this stuff is aimed at Trump, but in truth, you could lay all of this at the feet of the Democrat Party, the American left, the media.”

Rush went on to eviscerate all of the outlandish claims Bush made, which were nothing more than the talking points the liberal media dishes out to manipulate the masses. Trump isn’t responsible for what he’s been accused of, he’s a direct response to the do-nothing turncoats in the GOP and the America-hating Left that’s trying to fundamentally transform our nation into a third world hellhole.

Trump is an attempt to remedy what the major parties and leftists have done to our nation. They’re the ones that sowed the seeds for all the things Bush laid at Trump and his supporters’ feet. But apparently, understanding that or being honest about what got us where we are isn’t something Bush is willing to do. Like most of his GOP acolytes, he’s to0 enamored with “getting along” with the Left and having semi-positive things written about him in liberal rags like the New York Times. Do us all a favor, Georgie, and go back into hiding where you belong.

Source: Breitbart