Rush Limbaugh Sees NFL Protests, Immediately Spots What Everyone Else Is Missing

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh gestures while speaking during the National Association of Broadcasters convention Thursday, Oct. 2, 2003 in Philadelphia. Limbaugh said Thursday he resigned as an ESPN sports analyst to protect network employees from the uproar over critical comments he recently made about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Rush Limbaugh has bad news for the NFL. The league’s war with President Trump is about to get nasty. Team owners are indulging their player’s bad behavior for now, but they may change their mind if ratings start to dip.

“And the owners of the National Football League are scared to death. They are scared to death. They have let this fester. It’s now into its second season. Trump is talking about it. They tried to contain it. But nobody knows how to be an adult anymore with the kids, so the kids rule the roost,” Limbaugh complained Monday.

Americans love football, but they love their country even more. If the squabble continues, the NFL will probably be the loser. At least, that’s what Limbaugh believes.

“Does the NFL not see what’s happening to it? Does it not see the half-empty stadiums? Does it not see reduced ratings? Does it not see how divisive all of this is? It is turning football fans into something else. Donald Trump didn’t do that,” the radio host insisted.

NFL players, Limbaugh argues, are working during their games. Arguments about Americans’ right to peacefully protest don’t matter. NFL players are employees, and employees can be fired if their behavior reflects badly on the company.

“The owners have a choice to make, and they’ve made it. But it comes down to this. If you own a team in the National Football League, do you side with your employees or do you side with your customers? That’s the high wire they’re all on,” Limbaugh said.

“Well, in this case, the money, when you get right down to it, is on the side of the fans. If the fans do not watch, do not patronize — you know the drill — then the networks don’t have the money, this amount of money to pay the NFL…”

(Source: RushLimbaugh.Com )