Rudy Giuliani’s EPIC Speech About Cops Is A Wake Up Call To AMERICA! He’s FIRED UP!

If you think for one second that cops purposefully target people just to kill them and that they have an evil agenda, you are a delusional nitwit. Rudy Giuliani knows this first hand since he was the Mayor of New York, a city where crime often goes hand in hand with it’s diversity.

New York is known for it’s cultural influence, food, bad traffic, and crime, not necessarily in that order. Under Giuliani’s watch, New York’s crime rate dropped to historic lows. Why? Because he supported the police force and didn’t sit back and call them all racists like Barack Obama suggests in his race baiting speeches. Giuliani was FIRED UP at the Republican National Convention last night and he went OFF about how cops are not there because of the color of your skin. When they get the call, they come, because it’s their job.

Watch below and try not to cheer too loudly. This is awesome!

Giuliani should be a national security advisor in Trump’s cabinet. After his response to NYC’s crime and his fortitude in the aftermath of 9/11, Giuliani deserve the spot. He knows what it takes to run a successful city and, likely, country and would take crime and the ridiculous, racist BLM movement down!

Who’s with me?! If you think Rudy Giuliani is an amazing American and patriot and you love our police force and KNOW they aren’t racists, share this post with all of your friends to show your support!

(Source: YouTube)