Rudy Giuliani Took Hillary’s EVIL Lies And Shoved ‘Em Back In Her FACE On LIVE TV

With Rudy Giuliani all over out TVs on Fox News recently, we’ve been getting a no holds bared, in your face opinion on the election. Especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton, Giuliani pulls no punches and routinely shows how asinine her and her left leaning rhetoric truly is.

Clinton is famous (or infamous) for being soft on Islamic extremism. So much, in fact, that her foundation has received millions in funding from countries supporting Islamic terrorism. In fact, earlier in the election cycle after the Orlando shooting, she said that it was “dangerous” to declare war on an entire religion.

Here is her interview with the Today Show where she straight up refuses to say it.

Of course, this is in stark contrast to all of ISIS and Islamic extremists that say “death to Christians” and literally the words “we are at war with Christianity.” But when these things are said, Giuliani brings out the point of exactly WHY we saw Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, at the Hillary Clinton rally the other day.

It’s both sobering, shocking, and absolutely true.

Essentially what Giuliani is saying is that Hillary will continue to not recognize terrorism as a threat to America. Hillary will continue this perpetual BS that Obama started and all terrorism will continue to flourish with her in power. It’s a reminder that we need to elect Trump who will STOP terrorism at the door and make sure America is safe once again.

If you honestly think Hillary Clinton will make America safer, you should get your head examined.

(Source: Facebook and YouTube)