Rudy Giuliani KNOCKED OUT Every Hillary-Loving Liberal At The DNC In 10 Seconds FLAT!

It seems the Democrats can’t catch a break. Of course we’re loving it, but this video right here proves why they shouldn’t be running this country, in any capacity – they are completely and utterly detached from reality.

Here are the facts. ISIS is the single greatest foreign threat to American lives. Terrorism is at our door and Islamic terrorists are murdering innocent civilians around the world daily. They are at war with our way of life so how a sizable amount of the population thinks we shouldn’t be at war with them is beyond comprehension. Those people, surprise surprise, are Democrats and made a ruckus by chanting “No More War” at the DNC when an ex-Republican was speaking about national security.

This didn’t sit well with Rudy Giuliani who considered it an attack on how America should be operating. Watch below and see how he takes down their idiocy in less than a minute!

Giuliani is right, of course. What we should be doing is stopping at nothing to rid the world of the cancer that is ISIS and Islamic terrorism. The Liberals don’t have a freaking clue and are busy parading around in their safe space, tweeting from their iPhones. They don’t know the horrors of the world outside the comfort of mommy and daddy’s bank account.

Wake up, kids, you’re living in constant danger and the only way to stop it is all out war with Islamic radicalism. Anything less is useless.

(Source: YouTube)