Rudy Giuliani DESTROYS Every Anti-Cop LIE Told At The DNC. Hillary Wants This GONE!

As the Democratic National Convention rolls on, the Dems continue their onslaught of racially themed rhetoric. They also continue to paint this picture of a divided America and how the country is either black or white. News flash Dems, there are many more colors and layers to this country that you are not seeing.

But why would they, right? What the Democrats are doing is attempting to further the divide in an attempt to control the population. Organizations like Black Lives Matter don’t realize it, but they are playing directly into the hands of the Liberal agenda.

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani knows this and points it out as he reacted to the “Mothers of the Movement” speaking at the DNC.

And again he calls out that it’s not just white cops that are in the line of fire here.

Until everyone wakes up and realizes that we are all in this together, we won’t have a united country. That is 100% the fault of the Democrats as they drive the racial wedge further down. Giuliani is on point here and we agree with his reactions 100%.

(Source: Fox News)