Robert De Niro Is A Moron

Once again one of our national treasures has decided to weigh in on politics. Superstar Robert De Niro has made no secret up to now that he’s not President Trump’s biggest fan, but he’s taken it even further now. Obviously, he is upset, but the level of disrespect that he has toward our Commander in Chief is astounding.

Via Fox News:

Robert De Niro warned new college graduates that in movie terms,” America was once “an inspiring uplifting drama” but has now turned into “a tragic dumb–s comedy.”

The two-time, Oscar-winning actor spoke to Brown University graduates Sunday at the Ivy League school’s commencement ceremonies. He urged them to “work to stop the insanity” and to strive to make the world better.

De Niro received an honorary doctorate of fine arts.

The 73-year-old actor spoke out against the “nightmarish” political climate of today and called President Trump an “idiot” the day before his commencement speech.

Actor and rapper Daveed Diggs, who won a Tony Award for his role in the phenomenon “Hamilton,” told the Brown graduates that the country needs their new ideas “because the old ones have made a mess of things.”

This sentiment isn’t a new one coming from De Niro. Here were some of his less than flattering pre-election thoughts about the presidential hopeful:

I understand that the current POTUS is not exactly the traditional example of what the leader of the free world usually looks and sounds like. However, listening to De Niro talk makes me wonder if he actually hates the President, or if he hates who the media has told him the President is. At first, one might think that these two guys could know one another, considering they’re both older and extremely wealthy, but hearing him speak about President Trump makes it very apparent that he’s just another example of liberalism gone amok in the entitled brain of a Hollywood celebrity.

(Source: Fox News