RNC Chairman ADMITS That Donald Trump Is RIGHT, The System Is RIGGED! OMG!

“Donald Trump is right again.” This is a phrase you should all just get used to hearing now.

As the primaries have been increasingly one sided for Ted Cruz, though Donald Trump seems to have vastly more support, Trump has been blowing the whistle that the Primaries are “rigged.” While rigged might bot be the correct word, they most certainly do not inform us of how the voters are thinking. The delegates vote no matter what happens, though everyone seems to think that the delegates just follow the voters wishes. Not so.

And now it’s confirmed by the head of the RNC himself, Reince Priebus.

Though Priebus was likely attempting to defend the political process that some are now calling “rigged” in favor of the political establishment, he actually proved right the point made by billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

Priebus responded by saying, “you know, I think it’s a combination but it’s empowered by the voters. So the voters empower the delegates but ultimately the delegates — who in most cases are bound by the outcomes of caucuses and primaries and conventions — make the decisions at the convention.”

Well that just proved Trump’s point. It’s not the voters who decide. Which is ridiculous in our opinion.

The RNC chair went on to explain how the convention is not much different from any other sort of convention, and involves more than simply picking a nominee, such as updating party rules and electing officers, among other things.

Todd then referred to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal  poll of likely Republican voters that revealed they thought the candidate with the most votes should be the nominee, and that the choice shouldn’t be left to the delegates, by a nearly two-to-one margin.

Here’s the full interview.

We think that Trump deserves the nomination. He’s been in the lead, he’s clearly loved by the American people. He’s what we need to bring this country back from the brink.

(Source: Conservative Tribune and YouTube)