Right After Weiner Gets Sentenced To Prison, His Lawyer Makes Stunning Final Move

After years of degenerate behavior, that included sexually soliciting random women online and repeatedly stepping out on his wife, Weiner is heading to jail.

The perverted former congressman was sentenced to 21 months in jail Monday for his sexting of an underaged girl, a move that could have resulted in a 10-year stint. While justice has finally been served to this creep, his sentence isn’t as harsh as it may seem.

As reported by the Daily Mail, following the court’s ruling in the case, the deviant’s lawyer pleaded with the judge, asking him not to stick Weiner in a maximum security prison.

While his home for the next 21 months has yet to be decided, his lawyer specifically requested the Schuylkill Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, a prison that can hardly be labeled such.

The facility is a minimum security prison, and thanks to the relative ease of life the prisoners lead, it’s been dubbed “Club Fed.” It’s a place where affluent criminals are sent because we wouldn’t want the white collar and wealthy to have to mix it up with the regular criminals.

If Weiner is deemed a low-risk inmate by the court, he stands a pretty decent chance of being sent to the more comfortable jail. The place doesn’t even have a perimeter fence around it, nor locked cells. Inmates live in barracks-style housing and will enjoy perks like a basketball court, pool tables, a gym complete with treadmills and stair-masters, racquetball courts, and even a greenhouse and vegetable gardens for them to tend if they desire.

It’s infuriating to see the kind of “punishment” the affluent and well-connected receive for their crimes. It’s obvious enough that there’s a stark divide between the elites and us mere plebeians, but it’s no less maddening to see them evade justice and be treated differently thanks to their status.

The degenerate Weiner and every other elite should be treated blindly by the law, not given special privileges and leniency. We’re supposed to be a nation of laws, equally applied to all people, but it’s increasingly apparent that’s just not the case. The world is certainly a better place with Weiner locked away, but his conviction is only a pyrrhic victory for justice.

Source: Daily Mail