Right After Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Federal Judge Steps In

It’s safe to say that the mere existence of Trump is upsetting to liberals. He’s gone from a celebrity that most people liked or were indifferent about to the most hated man in America. That’s all thanks to the outrage machine of the Left, which has been pumping out propaganda and manufacturing controversies like crazy since he took office.

While it’s incredibly sad to see what our news media has been reduced to, it’s also quite amusing to watch them meltdown over the tiniest things. One of the more recent controversies that had their knickers in a twist was Trump’s pardoning of the controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his strict treatment of illegals in Arizona.

As reported at Politico, the Left hates Arpaio about as much as they hate Trump, which is why they used the left-wing courts in Arizona to forcibly remove him from office. Arpaio was accused and found guilty defying a federal judge’s order to end ethnic profiling of Latinos, which his department utilized to catch illegals.

For the horrible crime of doing his job, he was facing up to a year in prison. That is, until Trump pardoned him. The liberal media screamed bloody murder over the move, calling it a usurpation of democracy and fascist move on the president’s part. In response to the pardon, over 30 congressional Democrats and numerous liberal groups challenged move.

However, this week, US District Judge Susan Bolton tossed out the case against the 85-year old former sheriff with extreme prejudice, which means it cannot be reinstituted.

This is a solid victory for the Trump administration and a massive middle finger to the Left. They have no room to whine about the ruling, considering the judge was a Clinton appointee and part of the very left-wing US District court system.

The liberal tears over the ruling have been delicious thus far, and it’s only going to get better as they pearl-clutch over future Trump actions.

Source: Politico