Right After Private Meeting With Mitch McConnell, Trump Comes Forward With Huge Announcement

Defying the president will tank your political career. Old fogey Sen. Mitch McConnell has already abandoned his feud with President Trump- it just wasn’t viable.

“We’ve been friends for a long time,” Trump said during a Rose Garden press conference. “We’re fighting for big tax cuts. … My relationship with this gentleman has been outstanding.”

McConnell first failed the president (and the American people) by dropping the ball on health care reform. For years McConnell pretended that “repeal and replace” was something that he cared about, but when push came to shove he fumbled.

After that debacle, McConnell realized that his political future was on the line. Suddenly, he became much more amenable to Trump’s ideas.

“We have the same agenda. … We talk all of the time,” said McConnell. “We are together totally on this agenda to move America forward.

Healthcare is a mess, but tax reform hasn’t been killed yet. If Republicans can stop squabbling and get their act together, Trump’s tax plan will become reality. Americans have been suffering under heavy taxes for too long.

“They (Americans) don’t want this hyper-partisanship,” GOP Sen. Susan Collins said. “Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader… The president needs him. I’m glad they’re working together on tax reform and a lot of other issues. And I’m glad they’re meeting this week.”

(Source: Fox News)