Right After Fox Hires Laura Ingraham, Look What’s Already Happening Behind The Scenes

It would appear that things are already falling apart before the pilot of The Ingraham Angle airs. The show is causing issues at Fox News, and it’s not even airing for another week!

The Ingraham Angle is set to premier on October 30th at 10pm, but some staffers are bristling at the idea of working Laura Ingraham’s show.

Sources are painting the host as a tyrant who is incredibly difficult to work with, and has been known to verbally abuse her staff. In a revelation by two former staffers of her national radio show, it would also appear that Ingraham likes to hurl physical objects at her employees when she is angered by them.

They likened Ingraham to the terrifying editor in The Devil Wears Prada, but followed the statement with: “That’s what it’s like, except it’s The Devil Does Radio, and there are no redeeming qualities with her.”

As Fox News is notoriously particular about their network shows being driven by their hosts, Ingraham’s employees are expected very closely with the woman. On top of that, very few of Ingraham’s staffers from her radio show followed her to Fox, so many of Fox’s other employees have been reassigned to the monster.

When asked for comment, Ingraham’s people declined to comment, but Fox felt the need to call out the Liberal press for being “sexist” and some other redundant blah comments that were clearly a badly executed retort from a junior PR staffer.

(“a transparent, predictable and sexist attack from a left-wing website run by a CNN political analyst whose mandate it is to troll FOX News for traffic purposes on a daily basis.” – Fox)

A lot of other people came to Ingraham’s defense, but that is their job. Had the show been on-air for a while, then they’d be able to find an excuse to let the abusive host go. However, until the advertising revenue and ratings come in, they’re stuck with her.

Source: The Daily Caller