Rex Tillerson Just Made A Huge Announcement About His Future

Rex Tillerson isn’t going anywhere. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley may have her talons out, but Tillerson is fiercely defending his role.

“I think we have a Secretary of State currently,” Tillerson sniped on “Good Morning America.”

“And I think he’s planning to hang around.”

Everyone in Washington is gunning for a promotion. Whatever Haley’s ambitions actually are, people are going to assume that she wants to replace Tillerson. The volatility of the Trump White House adds fuel to the rumors. Who’s going to be fired next?

“You have to speak for the United States. You have to speak for the United States not only to foreign diplomats, you have to speak to the American people… And he (Tillerson) has almost willfully shut that down,” Eliot Cohen, a former Bush state department official complained.

Tillerson’s one of the least popular members of the president’s cabinet. Liberals like to denigrate him for his past as an Exxon official while traditional, establishment Republicans are irritated that he won’t kowtow to the press.

Ambassador Haley was slammed with questions about her intentions this week, with reporters demanding to know if she wanted Tillerson’s job. Rumors are circulating that Tillerson will be the administration’s next casualty.

“Ever since I was a legislator people have talked about what I’m trying to do, or what I’m supposed to do… No, I do not,” she responded.

“What I’m trying to do is do a good job. And I’m trying to be responsible in my job. And I’m trying to make sure that I inform the American people everything that I know.”

Watch below:

(Source: Daily Mail)