Revealed: What Vegas Shooter Did Right Before Rampage Is Truly Haunting – New Report

Reviled American psychopath Stephen Paddock appears to have planned almost every inch of his attack. Reports indicate that the killer bugged both his Mandalay Bay hotel room and the outside hallway with cameras.

“Apparently knowing cops would eventually catch up to him, he also wired cameras in the hallway outside his room so he could see when the heat was getting close,” writes the New York Post.

The disturbing footage is being examined by law enforcement. There’s been no indication that it will ever be released to the public. There are more than enough heartbreaking videos related to the tragedy online.

The video that the madman filmed of himself has obvious value to the police, but society doesn’t need to get any deeper into his head than necessary. The victims should be remembered, not the monster who perpetrated the massacre.

Over 500 people were injured. 59 people are dead, and there are fears that the number could still rise. Paddock fired upon attendees at the Route 91 festival like they were animals. The viciousness of his crime is hard to understand. How can one man inflict so much damage?

Local, state, and federal authorities are working together to piece together the mystery.

(Source: New York Post)