After Republicans Fail On Healthcare, Trump Decides To Sign Executive Order

It’s happening.

Republicans botched their chance at repealing Obamacare, causing millions of Americans to suffer. Obamacare just isn’t working.

President Trump, however, isn’t hampered by the political considerations affecting the rest of his party. He confirmed Tuesday that he plans to sign a new executive order allowing people to purchase plans across state lines.

Under Trump’s plan, people who have been screwed by Obamacare will have the option to get better coverage.

“They’ll be able to cross state lines. And they will get great competitive healthcare, and it will cost the United States nothing,” Trump told reporters. “Take care of a big percentage of the people that we’re talking about, too…”

Congress can’t get anything done. It’s become necessary for Trump to step in. It’s unreasonable to make Americans suffer because Washington politicians can’t agree on anything.

“We’re going to have to do something with Obamacare because it’s failing… And it’s actually getting worse; it’s getting worse by the minute. So we’re going to have to do something with Obamacare and that will work out,” Trump said.

The country would be a lot better off if the Republicans would stop defying the president.

(Source: Daily Mail)