Reporter Who Broke Harvey Weinstein Story Is About To Publish Another Bombshell

Hollywood is finally getting what it deserves. After decades of accusations, like those lodged at Harvey Weinstein, being swept under the rug, even more dominos are on the verge of falling.

Weinstein was a big fish, and with so much blood in the water, victims of the Hollywood elite’s rampant sex abuse are finding the courage to come forward. And what we’ve seen thus far may just be the tip of the iceberg, as new revelations are on the horizon according to reports.

As reported at the Daily mail, the man responsible for opening this Pandora’s Box of shocking claims, Ronan Farrow, is apparently working on his next massive expose on Weinstein, which will surely have executives in LA running for cover.

Farrow is apparently calling a deluge of sources, including former employees, to get all the dirt he can on the disgraced exec. A person close with Farrow claims that his next exposé will focus on the cult-like atmosphere at Weinstein’s company, which facilitated his abuse all these years.

[Ronan] is hot right now and he wants to capitalize on the momentum of the first article. He seems impatient to get another piece out ASAP,” the insider told Page Six.

“He’s speaking to former Weinstein employees and telling them he’s on “a tight deadline”,” the insider added.

The ironic part of all this is that Farrow is the son of a legendary director who’s faced allegations for years concerning his abuse of his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. In 2014, Dylan published an open letter in the new York Times detailing her father’s abuse, yet Allen has largely been unscathed by the claims.

Even now, after Weinstein’s downfall, and the years of allegations against him, Allen is still happily working in Hollywood and having leftist actors leaping at the opportunity to be in one of his films.

Ronan has trashed the media for not asking questions about his sister’s case, and how they just swept it all under the rug to protect a Hollywood elite. This is likely a large part of his motivation to rip of the mask of Hollywood’s systematic abuse problem.

Kudos to Ronan for exposing Weinstein and his depraved, criminal behavior. It’s time the hypocrites in Hollywood faced up to the litany of crimes they’ve conveniently ignored and even taken part of to gain wealth and power.

Source: Daily Mail