REPORT: The Liberal Media Is Actively Trying To Bury The Clinton Email Scandal!

Leave it to the liberal media to try an sweep something under the rug when it should be brought to the forefront.

According to News Busters, liberal media outlets ABC, NBC, and CBS all gave some coverage to the Clinton email scandal. How much you ask? A whopping 1 minute and 48 seconds, this past Friday.

By contrast, they also gave some time to much more important topics, like rock concerts (insert sarcasm here). They gave these and scarcely believable 41 minutes and 54 seconds. That blows my mind. And of course this was after a key Clinton telling the world he will please the 5th. Unreal.

And that’s all we’d get. Just quick snippets of one of the biggest scandals this country has known in recent years that could jeopardize national security. I’m sick to my stomach about this.

Reporter Jon Karl quickly shifted the focus to how this news impacted Joe Biden. Despite a lack of interest in the e-mail scandal, GMA then devoted 12 minutes and 45 seconds to the country band Florida Georgia Line.
Today eked out 47 seconds, just 20 seconds more than GMA.

However, Today journalists were the only ones to feature a quote from a Republican. Senator and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham decried, “Anytime somebody working for you that has to take the Fifth Amendment based on something you did is probably not good for you as a politician.”

In contrast to 47 seconds on Clinton, the NBC program offered an incredible 23 minutes and 51 seconds to country singer Brad Paisley.

Thankfully, we have news networks that will report on these matters, *coughFOXNEWScough*
(Source: News Busters)