REPORT: Syrian Refugees Refuse To Learn New Languages! Won’t Joint Workforce In New Countries.

Just when you thought the migrant crisis wouldn’t get worse, it has with the fact that nearly 65% of all Syrian refugees are refusing to learn the new languages to the countries they infest.

According to reports this morning, Germany has put together a document showing just how many Syrian refugees are refusing to learn German, English, or other languages that would constitute them being a productive part of society.


Ludger Woessmann, a professor of economics at the University of Munich, tells German magazine Zeit 65 percent of Syrian refugees fail to meet international standards on basic reading and writing skills. Just 10 percent of the one million arrivals in the country this year have a college degree, which may force unemployment rates and demand for social welfare to rapidly go up.

Half of the refugees are under the age of 25 and can still get an education, but the ability to learn to read and write quickly fades during the late teenage years. Refugees in recent years struggle to complete basic learning courses to prepare for the job market.

“We have to prepare ourselves that the majority of young refugees will fail three-year training courses that contain a high level of theory,” Woessmann says. “Seventy percent of trainees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq who started training two years ago have already dropped out.”

That is hugely disturbing not only because these people are coming into other countries and potentially causing terrorist activities, but also because now they will syphon and suck up a ton of government time and funds, further crippling economies all over the world including the U.S. Wake up everyone! Send them back where they came from! Close the borders. It’s time.

(Source: The Daily Caller)