REPORT: California Shooters Were Looking At ISIS Propaganda Right Before The Shooting.

We know now that they were terrorists, we didn’t until today, know that they were connected to ISIS.

In a not so surprising turn, the San Bernadino shooters were both radicalized and supported ISIS and their ideologies. A source confirmed to CBS that they were indeed looking at ISIS propaganda online before carrying out the grizzly attacks.


But was this all a misdirection? Were they terrorists trained by Al Qaeda who wanted to lead the U.S. investigation in the wrong direction? Not so says a former CIA operative and expert in ISIS warfare.

Former CIA operative Robert Baer told CNN the couple employed ISIS tactics. “The tactics that they adopted in taking down this place were exactly ISIS tactics,” he said. “Now I’m not saying ISIS was behind this, inspired it, they haven’t claimed it or anything like that, but the tactics suggest they were taught in the Middle East or they simply were on websites and got some sort of training,” Baer explained to CNN.

“What disturbs me is this was a military assault. The fake pipe-bomb that was thrown out of the car to break contact with the police; the remote-controlled detonated device left inside the building; two shooters; a lot of ammunition. These people had some training, some sort of commitment to this,” Baer said.

So while we still get information in on this act of terrorism, we can be sure of one thing: this was terrorism. And on U.S. soil. Which usually means an act of war. Yet I don’t see any U.S. war effort ramping up. Just a lot of posturing and hearsay from the Obama administration. I think it’s time a Republican gets in there and shows everyone how it’s done.

(Source: Western Journalism)