After Being Rejected By The American People, Hillary’s Next Career Move Makes Total Sense

Have we entered the twilight zone? Hillary Clinton is actually behaving like a reasonable person. 10 months of being belittled for her near constant complaining must have finally worn her down.

Sources reveal that the almost-president is on the verge of taking a teaching position at Columbia University. Hillary was an abysmal politician, but she’d probably be an extremely competent professor. Her lack of sincerity wouldn’t in a classroom, and she certainly has the requisite knowledge.

People are sick of her extended “woe is me” tour. Even Bill Clinton doesn’t want to be around her. Hillary could end her career as delusional, bitter old woman, or she could she try to repair her reputation and accept a respected professorship.

Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, “has served as an adjunct professor in the Mailman School of Public Health since 2012. The former First Daughter and Clinton Foundation board member received an undergraduate degree from Stanford, master’s degrees from Oxford and Columbia and a doctorate from Oxford.”

Chelsea is an adjunct professor at Columbia. The mother and daughter would be working side-by-side at the same institution.

Of course, Hillary is full of surprises. And by that I mean she seems to have a remarkable ability to sabotage herself. It’s possible that she’ll throw away this opportunity. Then again, she might not.

Professor Clinton. It sounds a whole lot better (and less terrifying) than President Clinton.

(Source: Daily Mail)