Rand Paul Tried To Attack Trump, Gets Put In His Place In 5 Seconds FLAT! WOW!

Rand Paul, son of libertarian darling Ron Paul, hasn’t been getting much traction this election cycle, for one reason – he’s not with the people on key issues.

He’s the last in a long line of candidates, and some would say he should’ve pulled out of the race long ago.

To combat his horrible poll numbers, Rand Paul went on the offensive to proclaim our man Donald Trump as inconsistent, and under-qualified.

You can see him bash Trump on Fox News in the video below:

Not to be outdone, Donald Trump took one of his first questions in the second Republican debate to address the beef between him and Rand Paul, and boy, is it juicy.

Trump calls out Paul, saying “He should not be on this stage” because of his horrible poll numbers leading up to the event. He then ends the comment with a zinger that you have to see to believe. Trump says “I never commented on his looks, but there is a lot of subject matter there”.

What’s that saying, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Rand, you should probably get out of the kitchen.

(Source: YouTube)