Putin’s AMAZING New Bombing Videos Show ISIS NO MERCY! They’re FINISHED!

Putin’s ISIS bombing raids continue in the key cities of Syria, where instead of worrying about how he’s spread diplomacy, it’s a measure meant to hinder the efforts of the terror group ISIS.

Along with France, Russia has been hard at work converting the ground below to rubble, eliminating terrorist threats and making the world a safer and less radical place.

According to FoxTrot Alpha,

New video is emerging of Russia’s heavy bomber sorties and naval cruise missile strikes against targets in Syria. This includes some pretty amazing bomb and cruise missile drop sequences and footage showing the bombers’ fighter escorts, which included Iranian F-14A Tomcats and Russian Su-30SM Flankers.

The appearence of F-14s operating over Iranian air space is always intriguing, especially for such a high profile mission. It also proves that Russia’s air-launched cruise missiles, at least some of them from its Tu-95 Bear contingent, were launched while over Iran.

Although not as surprising as the F-14 Tomcat’s cameo, Tu-22M3 footage from the video above is among the most interesting, as it shows a very “intimate” bomb-drop sequence from multiple angles. It also shows the target that was struck below, or at least what the video wants us to believe was the a target. Still, the target depicted looks almost perfectly ideal for medium to high altitude dumb bombing as it sits in a remote desert and is clearly identifyable by its unique configuration and borders. It very much is a bullseye unto itself.

The video below shows the Tu-160 Blackjack, Russia’s most prized air combat asset, along with Su-30SM fighter escorts, launching its cruise missiles supposedly over the Mediterranean.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has also disclosed that another salvo of ship-launched cruise missiles were fired again today. This time they emanated from both the Caspian and the Mediterranean Seas. This would have been the first time Russian naval assets fired standoff weaponry at Syria from Mediterranean. Ten ships were said to have taken part, four in the Caspian Sea and six in the Mediterranean. Russia claims the assault killed 600 terrorists.

Unlike Obama, who is too scared to enter conflict with the regimes that he worked so hard to defend, Russia and Putin take to the skies and do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS. I can’t wait until they’re all eliminated like the cockroaches they are!

(Source: FoxTrot Alpha)