Putin Shuts Down The Russian Hacking Rumors Once And For All

The much anticipated interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin has finally taken place, and he’s here to address all the problems that the United States wants to blame on him. While it’s in our DNA to be at odds with the Russian government, the alt-left has really put the Russian hating on the top shelf of late. I

t seems that they needed a villain who the DNC hadn’t previously endorsed, and the only bad guy that could be agreed upon was across the pond.

So what did Putin have to say about all these allegations being leveled at his country? Well, here’s a little piece of his response:

It kind of seems like he’s been saying what everyone with any sort of objective perspective has been saying; none of the evidence brought forward proves that Russians had anything to do with any hacking. Does that empirically prove that the Russians are keeping their hacking fingers to themselves? No, not at all, but just as the lack of evidence to implicate them doesn’t mean that they’re innocent, it certainly can’t mean that they’re guilty.

I’m not sure if he’s doing it just to watch American heads explode, but it’s obvious that Putin does have some measure of respect for President Trump. Not just in how he’s running the White House, but how he ran his campaign as well. Liberals want to blame Russia for President Trump winning the election, but even the Russians can look at how the campaigns were run and say that President Trump just ran a better campaign. Putin is saying what our domestic political analysts have been saying for months; that Hillary lost because she didn’t focus on the right people.

I’m not saying that I love Russia or anything, but you know even a blind hog can root an acorn every once in a while and Putin’s acorn seems to be his respect for President Trump. Doesn’t mean he’s not a hog and it doesn’t mean he’s not blind, it just means he might have gotten this one thing right.

(H/T: Red State Watcher