President Trump Went To Israel And Sent A Message To Iran That Proves He Is Not Joking Around

President Trump’s tour of nations has taken him the Middle East, where he’s had productive meetings with leaders there. His goal was obviously to strengthen relations and talk about the nations’ security and plan future endeavors. With that in mind, obviously one of the biggest threats would come from one of the less than conscientious countries obtaining lethal nuclear weapons.

President Trump and Israeli President Rivlin made a joint address about this issue:

There have been plenty of people who consider the United States to be acting like a bully by regulating who gets to play with the big bad guns. However, we were on the winning side in the second World War, we are governed (at least for now) by a democracy and we take the safety of our people very seriously. Sure, we could just let things ride, and then put down these little warring nations whenever they got their big nukes up and running, but at that point, there would be catastrophic loss of life.

This is an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure kind of situation. I doubt there’s a single rational person who believes that Iran would win in an all our conflict with the United States. We’ve got them out manned, out gunned and unlike Iran, our people actually want to live here and aren’t fleeing as quickly as possible. We could wait till the military has to get involved, but by that time there would probably be at least one United States city laid waste by the nuclear weapons that the liberals so want them to have. And I hate to break it to you, but nukes don’t discriminate and just not kill the people who vouched for existence.

(Source: Twitter)