Pope Francis: Yes, Even I Sometimes Fall Asleep While Praying

“When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep.”

Those aren’t the words of a guilty worshiper. Pope Francis admitted Thursday that sometimes he dozes off while praying. In fact, he claims that it’s a healthy, wholesome thing to do.

“Saint Teresina of the Baby Jesus also did so. She used to say that the Lord, God, the Father, likes it when somebody falls asleep,” the Pope explained.

“There is Psalm 129 … that says that I am before God like a child in the arms of his father… This is one of the many ways in which the name of God becomes sanctified — feeling like a child in his arms.”

Pope Francis has been trying to modernize Rome. He’s a “liberal” who came to power with the desire to rattle the status quo.

It’s working.

Catholics are revitalized. The stuffy dogma of their parents doesn’t appeal to Millennials. They care about feminism and LGBT rights and won’t put their support behind a religion that doesn’t. Pope Francis has one so far as to suggest that the church might soon embrace married priests.

Napping during prayers isn’t exactly controversial, but it’s an awesome thing for the pope to support. A lot of people probably felt guilty when they fell asleep during their devotions.

“The 80-year-old Argentinian pontiff also pointed to the Bible while discussing his Holy sleep habits, which include going to bed at 9 p.m. and waking up at around 4 a.m… The pope gets through his busy day by napping after lunch,” Fox News reports.

(Source: Fox News)