Poll: Oprah Is Actually More Unpopular Than Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders

Oprah for president? Don’t get your hopes up. Democrats are going gaga over her, yet she still trails far behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. If she can’t beat Sanders, how could she possibly beat Trump?

According to the Daily Mail: “Biden, 75, who ran for president three times and demurred in 2016, leads Winfrey by 54 to 31 percent… Also leading Winfrey is Sanders, who was defeated by Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016. He leads Winfrey 46 to 37 percent.”

It’s easy to see why liberals are glomming onto Oprah 2020 fantasies. They see her as a liberal Donald Trump, a media maven who’s free from the Washington aura that taints most politicians. She’s an accepted, lovable outsider.

But she’s probably not ready to be president.

“Winfrey does beat out some other prominent Democrats, including two leading Democratic women. She outperforms liberal firebrand Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as well as New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand,” the Mail continues.

“Winfrey leads Warren by 39 to 35 percent, and leads Gillibrand, who has less of a national profile, by 44 to 23 percent.”

President Trump’s reelection chances look good. Neither Bernie Sanders nor Joe Biden can stand up to him in a national election. Oprah has an even worse chance. Unless something disastrous occurs, Trump will be a two-term president.

We are still two years away from the election, and anything could happen, but let’s be realistic here. Oprah may be able to weasel herself onto someone’s ticket as the vice presidential candidate, but she has almost no shot of successfully running for president herself.

(Source: Daily Mail)