Politico Just Spit In Every Hurricane Harvey Victim’s Face

Politico’s editors just scraped the bottom of a new low.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid, offensive things but the tasteless cartoon published by the liberal magazine this week is among the worst. The artist’s cruel depiction mocks innocent Hurricane Harvey victims. Texans are portrayed as religious buffoons still praying for secession.

The cartoon shows a toothy, overweight cowboy gleefully praising God as he’s rescued from the flood waters only for his rescuer to say “, “Er, actually Coast Guard… sent by the government.”

It’s a cheap shot for a supposedly respectable magazine. Tens of thousands of lives have been displaced by the hurricane, and over a dozen people have died.

Twitter users excoriated Politico after it tweeted a link to the foul picture.

The magazine failed to stand up to its convictions and deleted the post. Removing the image after the backlash started is almost as offensive as posting it in the first place. If Politico’s original motive hadn’t been puerile it wouldn’t have backed down so easily.

(Source: Breitbart)