Political Experts Say Donald Trump Could Be President If This ONE THING Happens!

WHOA! This is some pretty insane news.

Roger Stone, famed political mind, had just dropped an absolute bombshell of a prediction on us. He says that if Trump can win the South Carolina primary, he’ll sweep all the southern primaries and have a shot at being President!

Here’s the thing though, I completely agree with him.

Reason being is that Trump continues to outperform. His poll numbers are high, but all pundits and media say that he won’t be the nominee. Every time we hear this, they’re proven wrong.


Stone recalled his days with Reagan, and pointed out that the South Carolina primary was scheduled to “set the table” for the Southern primary on March 1. Stone says businessman Donald Trump is well on his way to sweeping the South.

As for he drama involved in the recent debate, asked if he thought Trump had gone too far, said Stone, “As your previous caller said, the Bushes have worn out their welcome. So, anytime you clash with Jeb, he is the symbol of the established order. The established order is about no change. It’s about a complete continuation of our current policies. Jeb really stands for that – endless war, erosion of civil liberties, more debt, more spying on our citizens, nothing would be different.”

Stone said he felt that “both on substance and on style,” Trump survived the South Carolina debate, “which is all he really had to do” as the frontrunner.

Do you think Trump will sweep and become President? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: Breitbart)