As Players Continue To Insult USA, NFL Gets Slammed With Terrible News

What at difference a week makes. After the league-wide NFL protests took the nation by storm last Sunday, one might have expected things to only get worse this week. But in the face of fan outrage and disgust, the numbers of players taking a knee dropped significantly.

However, there were still teams and players defiantly kneeling down, locking arms, or sitting during the national anthem. These clowns seem intent on continuing their activism, and in response, it appears that viewers are intent on watching something else.

As reported at Deadline, in response to the continued disrespect to our nation’s flag, fans have taken their money and attention elsewhere, as the NFL’s rating statistics show that league is in big trouble.

On Sunday Night Football on NBC last night, the ratings were a massive dud. They were down 5 percent from last week’s game and the league in general once again experienced a wholesale drop in viewership, only 4 weeks into the season.

The total audience for the game was only 17.48 million, a terribly low number for a Sunday night, primetime game. Adding insult to injury was the fact that the game was a blowout, something that’s become a recurrence of late, as the NFL schedule-makers once again dropped the ball.

But it’s not just the viewership numbers that are down. Even more important than literal viewers is the league’s perception index, which has taken a huge hit since the anti-police, anti-Trump protests began. What started last year as a one-man show has morphed into a cancer affecting the entire league.

The question now becomes: What is the league going to do to earn back the trust of the public? The NFL’s betrayed the trust and long-time support of working class Americans with its descent into left-wing politics, so it’s to be expected that ratings would eventually tumble. It claims to want their money and continued support, but actions speak louder than words. If the NFL continues its short-sighted marriage with the Left, we can expect these numbers to get far worse–deservedly so.

Source: Deadline