Phil Robertson Just Hopped On Board The Trump Train! His Reason? OMG!

Another hops on board! HELL YEA!

Phil Robertson is a wise man. While also being a devout christian and a superb American, he’s also someone that knows a lot about the world and someone that can be looked up to. Take for instance his latest announcement about Trump. Robertson knows a winner when he sees one.

And he thinks Trump’s a winner as he’s now on board the Trump Train!

Robertson’s son Willie endorsed the Trump back in January as his father pledged to support Cruz. But Robertson shared Wednesday that his allegiance to his party remains unwavering.

“They people have said, ‘We want Mr. Trump.’ So Mr. Cruz goes down, I love him, but now I’m on the Trump train, and I’ll do everything I can to help him,” he said. “We have to be loyal to the party.”

Amen to that! Robertson is the example that all non-Trump Trainers should follow. Even though Trump isn’t politically experienced, the party needs to rally behind him. Your other option? Hillary Clinton.

Enough said.

(Sources: The Blaze and YouTube)