Pharmaceutical Drug Maker Says Hillary DEFINITELY Has The Disease His Drug Treats

Martin Shkreli made headlines in the worst way possible earlier this year when he raised the price of an effective medication that he had distribution rights to, to the tune of over 5000%. The liberal media made a huge deal of it, but what you won’t hear is that he never increased the price to private individuals, simply other companies that wanted to gouge needy people.

That didn’t stop the media’s hit job, and the damage was done to his reputation. Nevertheless, he came out of the ordeal with a hell of a lot of knowledge of disease and treatment, which brought him to bring up the crumbling state of Hillary Clinton’s health.

In recent months, Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical health has been seemingly on the decline. From awkward facial expressions to random spasms and failing to speak clearly, Shkreli thinks he’s cracked the code of Hillary’s chronic ailments, and he makes a very convincing case.

IN an interview, Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, said that his experience with the pharmaceutical industry has led him to believe that the Democrat nominee has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Citing his “15 year background in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals,” Shkreli said that her problems walking and talking are “pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson’s disease.”

While many have tried to explain Hillary’s symptoms as the result of a stroke or concussion, Shkreli said that her troubles walking, in particular her “freezing gait,” is a “cardinal symptom of Parkinson’s disease.”

Could Hillary really have a debilitating disease? Shkreli says there is one telltale sign.

We’ve all seen the videos of her kind of making these perplexed facial movements,” Shkreli said. He pointed to her odd reaction to balloons during the Democrat National Convention as an “inability to control her facial movements.”

“This is a classic symptom … if you showed someone that symptom and said ‘name the disorder’ it’s not a seizure … that is simply involuntary movement, it’s PD-LID, no doubt about it in my mind,” Shkreli said.

LID, or levodopa-induced dyskinesia, is a not uncommon side effect of the long-term treatment of Parkinson’s with dopamine.

Added together with Hillary’s “freezing gait,” a symptom for which Shkreli helped develop a drug, it “explains everything” — Parkinson’s.

His case is convincing and does make sense. According to the New England Journal Of Medicine, these signs do add up to a potential Parkinson’s diagnosis.

She would theoretically be the first nominee in history, should she win, to have a debilitating mental health disease win the Presidency. Lets make sure she doesn’t get there shall we?

(Source: Conservative Tribune)