Peyton Manning For Senate? GOP Congressman Comes Forward…

Athletes face a unique problem once their time on the field is over. While most of us are still decades away from retirement and busy trying to move up the corporate ladder, their careers are ending.

And for the overwhelming majority, it comes before they’re even 30. But even the most elite and legendary are forced to move on around the age of 40, which means they still have half their life to live…but no job.

Sure, they may be rich and not need to work, but finding purpose is important to most folks, which is why it’s always interesting to see what avenues athletes pursue once their sporting days are over. Right now, the future of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever is the talk of the town as there are hints he may try his hand at politics.

As reported at the Daily Mail, future NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning’s name has been mentioned as a possible US Senate candidate in Tennessee on Tuesday, after Senator Bob Corker announced that he’ll be retiring next year instead of pursuing reelection.

After an incredible career, the 41-year old Manning is looking for his next challenge. The political arena has always been a career path that’s seemed possible for him, as he has a strong likability factor and southern roots that would make a run very viable.

Right now, Manning’s enjoying raking in the dough as the face of Nationwide Insurance’s ad campaign. But serious talk about his potential candidacy has been heating up since Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais told a Business Insider reporter that the former football player would make a fine candidate.

Manning “is a great guy and a popular guy,” DesJarlais said

However, DesJarlais was quick to point out that if Manning decided to run, that’d he’d likely wait until 2020 at least, or until Tennessee’s other senator, Lamar Alexander, retired. But the surprise announcement by Corker has opened up the possibility of an earlier run.

It’s anyone’s guess if Manning will pursue Corker’s vacant seat, but there’s no doubt he’ll be a formidable candidate should he decide to. Whether next year or 2020, if he decides to step into the ring, it’s almost certain he’ll end up in Congress.

Source: Daily Mail